Mad props to my Peeps

No man is an island. If I have any good ideas, it’s because I have good people to bounce them off of. I have to put out a major shout-out here to my some-time partner in crime, Matt Heusser. We’ve worked together on a few projects, and it’s always come out great. He’s a sharp dude.

Also, you should apply to go to his Workshop on Technical Debt. I can’t go because I have a prior engagement, but it definitely looks like a good deal.

4 Responses to “Mad props to my Peeps”

  1. Scott Kennedy says:

    You sound like someone I used to know. A buddy of mine recently showed me a video that explained how to turn a sphere inside out…which reminded me of a conversation we (if you are who I think you are) had on topology a long time ago. Williamston ring a bell?

  2. Sean says:


    Could be. My address was Williamston, (though I went to Haslett schools) but I think there was another Sean McMillan (McMillen, I think) in Williamston. No clear bells, but I seem to have a lousy memory right now.

    It might be me. Got any more clues?

  3. Scott Kennedy says:

    Pretty sure Sean went to Williamston. I also knew his brother Tim and cousin Chris. Maybe it was McMillen. The conversation I’m thinking of probably took place around 1990…so it’s been a while.

  4. Sean says:

    Yeah. That’s not me. Sounds like something I would have done though.

    Good luck finding the other Sean. Nice meeting you.