About Me/About The Site

Welcome to Bacon Driven Coding! This is my little place on the web to talk about Software: Writing it, and arranging teams of people to write it together.

Who am I? I am Sean McMillan, and I write code. I also spend way too much time thinking about how to make the code I write better, and how to help teams of programmers write code better.

A brief explanation of the categories on this blog:

Bacon: posts about Bacon Driven Coding the fictional and humorous programming methodology where smoked meat leads to better software faster.

Code: posts with actual code in them. Expect examples, minutia and trivia here. I’ll try to make it interesting.

Thinking about code: Thoughts about development or how to code that don’t actually contain code. Also covers methodologies, design, agile, etc…

Flashbacks: I’ve written some stuff before — Shocking, I know. When I post information about older articles, or articles that are more about the past then the present, I’ll post them in this category.

People: Posts about specific people, or posts about “people issues”.

Uncategorized: I forgot to categorize this post, or there’s no real category that it fits in.

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